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Every disappointment is a blessing. despite the fact that World Market went away with all our funds here we are again !! guys, we are back with double good stealth this time,we are back in full to give out the best quality service (PROFESSIONALISM) and super top nosh products. All buyers shall always be king, all questions and orders will be attended to on time and packages will and shall always be shipped out as fast as possible. This goes to all the customers that were not satisfied during the past weeks due to me not being active and running during the past weeks im very sorry to you all and this time im going to make sure everyone is satisfied and happy. WORLD MARKET PROFILE AND FEEDBACK'S PIC.. https://ibb.co/gyjJrwR https://ibb.co/pv9Yh2v https://ibb.co/TYGwpbw https://ibb.co/6Yk1qZw https://ibb.co/k9v5ybB https://ibb.co/5BQvW9d https://ibb.co/0XHdDBz We have available multiples products. Cartel Oxycodone M30 Adderall B974 Ketamine (powder and liquid) GHB Cartel Meth Estacy MDMA Xanax 2mg THC distillate China White #heroin Percocet m523 Synthetic China f450 Black tar heroin Oxycodone k9 30mg Oxycodone E7 15mg Topshelf Shatter White fire OG Percocet 10mg DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS!!!! STOP MESSAGE ME WITH FIXING IT, ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED WITH PROVIDED ADDRESS ON ORDER!!! MISSING INFO ON ORDER WILL CAUSE REFUND!!! ORDER PROCESS CAN TAKE UP TO 72 HOURS!!! DON'T MESSAGE, WHY NOT PROCESSED, MESSAGE WILL BE IGNORED!! SHIPPING IS USPS PRIORITY UP TO 5 WORKING DAYS AND EXPRESS UP TO 1-2 DAYS, MONDAY TO FRIDAY, DON'T MESSAGE ME IF DIDN'T PASSED 5 WORKING DAYS SINCE MARKED SHIP, ALL MESSAGES BEFORE WILL BE IGNORED!!! IF PASSED 5 WORKING DAYS AND NO PACK, MESSAGE US WITH ORDER ID AND SHIPPING ADDRESS. SHIPPING ADDRESS FORMAT. JOE BOE 19 YELLOW ST CITY,STATE,ZIP PRODUCT AND QUANTITY ENJOY AND STAY SAFE. NEVER DO OPIATES ALONE AND ALWAYS HAVE NARCAN AROUND. IT WILL SAVE SOME ONES LIFE. NO FAKE SHIT ALL PRODUCTS ARE LAB TESTED SO ORDER WITHOUT NO FEAR, BY ORDERING YOU ACCEPT EVERY TERMS AND CONDITION STATED ABOVE. ENJOY ... SURIV01-S1991 <p><video controls="" width="400" height="320"> <source src="/uploads/virifseller/IMG_5093.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video></p>