• dgordgUSA 3 months ago
    The store sells used weapons that are also poorly functioning. I wrote everything in the reviews.
    • U.F 3 months ago
      The problem has been solved and closed. The item has been replaced. Please confirm.
    • dgordgUSA 2 months ago
      I didn't ask for a replacement! What for? The same shit that got a lot of people killed? Then I have to go to jail for all those deaths?
    • U.F 2 months ago
      What do you suggest?
    • dgordgUSA 2 months ago
      Money back for the order. Here's what!!!!
    • Administrator 2 months ago
      The administration closes the dispute in favor of the seller. There will be no refund. The product was received by you.
      Buying a gun you should understand that you buy it on the darknet and not in a store. The dispute is closed.