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  • yyyriser 1 month ago us passport
    I bought my passport and id card from the seller. All documents are official! The seller is reliable. I confirm.
  • junior555 3 months ago us passport
    From personal experience in finding a real buyer, I can say the following: For half a year I tried to buy a passport and ID card online. I sent a lot of money to scammers and ended up getting nothing! I say this: guys do not be fooled by the cheap prices for a passport, you think with your head. A real passport is not worth $ 500? Are you idiots? I BOUGHT A REAL PASSPORT AND ID FROM THIS SELLER! WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! LONG! WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT? I RECOMMEND THIS STORE AS A RELIABLE!
  • iiiiiii000 4 months ago us passport
    Ordered an Italian ID card from the seller. Made it in 8 days! The price was $12,000 but the seller made a discount. Thanks
  • uuuurter 6 months ago us passport
    The deal is off! The administration returned the money.
  • genri 1 year ago us passport
    At the very last moment of payment, the seller raised the price by $ 10,000! I ask the administration to pay attention to this. The price is written one and in fact another. Disgusting salesman!
  • uuuurter 1 year ago us passport
    Excellent seller and shop. explained everything in detail. Success in business. Really the right person in our difficult time!
  • kalif 1 year ago us passport
    Everything is fine! Thanks
  • dorian 1 year ago us passport
    the original document. I confirm the purchase and receipt
  • obiks 1 year ago us passport
    Great product and great seller! Thank you for prompt delivery
  • ololll 1 year ago us passport
    The product has not been received! I've been waiting for 14 days! the money was returned. I'll take a break for now.