• Brikos 4 weeks ago
    I ordered 5 RTX 3080 in this shop. Waiting since more than 1 month, no answer since 2 weeks. Is it possible to get refund?
    • MINEREXPERT 3 weeks ago
      I told you that due to the situation in the world, there are big delays in deliveries.
  • PAcVwArKkt 2 months ago
    A week ago I bought 4 MSI RTX 3090 24G cards. Of the 4 cards, one of them doesn't give any hash rate at all. It just doesn't work! This is clearly a problem with the card. I ask the site administration to take the following measures:
    - full or partial refund for the purchase
    • MINEREXPERT 2 months ago
      What does that have to do with a full refund? Three out of four cards work, don't they? Have some conscience...
    • Administrator 2 months ago
      A full refund is not possible. But the store is obliged to replace the card that does not work or provide substantial evidence that all the cards before shipment were working. If the store can not provide such evidence, in this case he makes a replacement of one card for free!