About Store

We will help you get a prestigious job in the CIA
Requirements for candidates:
 - no criminal record
 - us citizenship
 - age from 21 years
 - communication
 - good physical shape
Everyone knows that work in the CIA has always been and is considered prestigious!
For such all doors are open for people and they have more power, as well as a good salary.
We offer our services to those people who have always dreamed of connecting their lives with this profession, but could not get there for some reason. We all know that getting into such structures is not easy if you do not have the necessary acquaintances in certain circles.
We are just the very acquaintances that you need!
How the employment process looks like: {{1 }}1. You write to us that you would like to get a job
2. Make a deposit to your account and pay for our services
3. Fill out the form on the CIA website https://www.cia.gov/careers/
4. Your curator is getting in touch with you
5. We help you go through all the stages of employment