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AsaCUBE is a banking botnet for Android with a built-in APK builder and lots of great features.
AsaCUBE works on Android versions from 4.4 KitKat to 9.0 Pie.

Built-in APK builder.
SMS hijacker
Bank and cryptocurrency balance grabber
Contact manager
Read and send/message SMS
App Manager
File manager
Credit card data grabber
Advanced stats panel
Auto Commands
And much more.
How to install?
Unzip the panel files and upload them to your web directory.
Create a database on your cpanel and give MYSQL user rights to the database.
Import the asacube.sql file into your database.
Find configs/mysql.php, edit it and add your database credentials.
Go to: yourdomain.ru/subfolder/.
Login to your AsaCUBE dashboard with admin rights.
Change your user and password to something secure.
Find the "Downloads" dropdown menu in the botnet panel and click "Create".
Create your APK and test it on any android phone.
You are done.
To the botnet we give some instructional videos for beginners