100 pieces in 50 euro bills.5,000 euros in a pack!
100 pieces in 50 euro bills. 5,000 euros in a pack!
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
from 1 200 USD / 100pcs

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Counterfeit €50 of high quality.
Consignments for shipment:
We don't send less than that!

Don't risk your ass for a few euros! Don't ask for a few euros!
Delivery by our couriers!
We will organize a treasure hunt in your city in a deserted place and send you the coordinates and pictures.
We only work with these states:
North Carolina.
South Carolina.
Large orders are negotiated separately.
Banknotes are accepted by ATMs!!!!
We recommend depositing on other people's cards.
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