Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the software used for? A: CMINER is a wallet & private key mining software. This software operates by running a complex, fast and efficient algorithm to find, match and send BTC wallets from a private dat ...
CMINER BASIC $56/mo (200 total slots) $280/LIFETIME (20 total slots) - Mostly low balance wallets pools & databases (still profitable) - Low customizability - most of the profits are split between us and you CMINER PREMIUM $280/mo (50 total slots) $622/LIFETIME (10 total slots) - Mostly HIGH BAL wallets pools & databases (VERY PROFITABLE) - More customizability - You keep most of the profits - Priority support & updates, private offers & deals, exclusive perks & status NOTE: Referral or special occasion discounts can be applied. 10% discount if an existing customer invites a friend
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from 56 USD / 1pcs

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We sell premade and source botnet 55-1200$