Liquidation of object price 180,000 dollars
Liquidation of object price 180,000 dollars
  • New York
from 180 000 USD / 1pcs

About Store

Service of assassins
We are a professional team of people from law enforcement agencies
We carry out the elimination of a person
Tracking. Finding the object and its elimination
Expose everything as an accident (cardiac arrest)
An autopsy will show a heart attack
We will eliminate your enemies and competitors anywhere in the world
Whom we will not kill:
 - women and children
 - large political figures
What kind of order we would like to take on:
 - bandits
 - rapists
 - murderers
 - robbers
What the job looks like with us:
1.You give us information on the object, address, photo, social networks and other information.
The more information - the better
2. We check the object and collect a dossier on it (usually it takes a week)
3. The third step is to make a deposit to your account and close the deal
4. We will remove the object and you are checking information
5. You transfer money to us within the trading platform
You don't have to write feedback about working with us.
Terms for all 3 weeks!
We guarantee your anonymity and timely order execution !