Darknet links 2021

Darknet links 2021
There is a ton of information on the Internet. From its volumes sometimes the head is spinning. You can find both really useful advice and a form, as well as useless and sometimes dangerous information noise. It is important to choose the right sites and portals that you visit. In addition to what is available to every user, there are sites that provide limited access to their materials. These include different darknet linnks. It resembles a forbidden fruit - due to the fact that it is forbidden, more and more people seek to get into it. Dark forums are also getting a lot of attention. What they are discussing, who is sitting on them and how to get there, we will tell in detail in this article.
What black markets can be found on the darknet
Since access to them is limited, we will give just a few examples. The following dark forums can be visited on the darknet:
• Darkway - darkn5g756epq6t6fkqdo3mvkxlvwjtgabsbh3x47yhqg3uguiy5z5yd.onion — Marketplace selling documents, credit cards, weapons. You can open a store for free. Strict administration. Fraudsters are immediately blocked.
• World Market - world6zlyzbs6yol36h6wjdzxddsnos3b4rakizkm3q75dwkiujyauid.onion -  an anonymous darknet marketplace where you can buy your drugs or fraud goods using our automatic CC Autoshop.
• CrdClub.
• Exploit.in.
• Probiv.
You can view the performance monitoring of sites with reviews on the Godnotaba website.

Previously, this dark forum on the darknet was known as "DaMaGeLaB.IN". Its scale is so great that it even has a page on the regular Internet, or, as it is called, the clean Internet. The main visitors are cybercriminals. Why was the site renamed? One of its founders was arrested by the decision of the justice authorities in 2017. His accomplices did not want to allow a complete closure of the forum, so they contributed to his "relocation" to a new address. On such forums, you can often meet representatives of law enforcement agencies. They monitor every human action. If the user is seriously suspected of committing a crime, no precautions can save him. Being on the dark web itself is no longer considered legal, and even for a simple visit without committing illegal actions, you can receive a warning or become an object of surveillance.
The forum community is very active and is constantly growing in the number of users. But remember, for the community to work, administrators have to work with government safety and security agencies.
Welcome to the main party of bank card thieves. This forum was one of the first to appear - there is a lot of information about all the methods and schemes of hacking cards, stealing data, using funds from a card account to pay for their own needs. It is considered a place of learning for beginners and a real tablet where the knowledge of more than one generation of carders is stored.
Registration on this forum is paid - according to current data, it is $ 50. There is no way to bypass the payment - the entrance is only on a paid basis. But payment is not a guarantee that it will be possible to calmly use the information and get things done. The administrators and guests of the forum are extremely distrustful of each new user. To earn trust, you need to prove yourself and prove that you are not a representative of the authorities or a decoy puppet. You need to seek the location of those who have been on the site for a very long time - almost from the moment of its foundation. Without this, activity is impossible.
Another forum where people like to talk about bank cards. There are people from all over the world here. Accordingly, the attention of the authorities is closer. The entrance to the forum is free. In addition to carding, there is data on systems for hacking accounts, storages, scam, social media fraud.
Where do hackers hang out on the darknet? Almost everything is here. Thousands of people visit the page every day. Among them are professional hackers who are looking for a job with the help of the forum and earn a lot of money. The cost of one service can vary from hundreds to several thousand dollars. It is believed to be home to some of the most experienced and skilled hacking professionals. You can enter for free or pay the registration fee - $ 100. There is one "but". Free registration is provided only to those who provide evidence that they are already registered on other similar sites on the darknet or that they are a professional in their field and can easily complete any task assigned to them. Experience must be at least one year. Otherwise, free registration is not possible and administrators reject the request. After registering, you need to make a deposit to make transactions. If a user does not have a deposit, they are considered unreliable and do not want to do business with him. It is also available on the net under another name.
The main purpose of the forum is to provide data about a person at the request of others for money. It works like this:
1. The user is registered.
2. Then he finds someone who can provide him with information.
3. Agree on the terms of the transaction.
4. The customer fulfills his part of the contract, and the contractor - his part.
Thus, it is possible to obtain information from an informant about a person's family, friends, and work. You can find out passport details, credit history, social security number, etc.
They also like to sell various earning schemes. To start selling, the user initially collects strategy together, presents the administration, provides evidence that it works. After that, if the tactic passes the test, it "goes on sale." The cost of different tactics varies greatly - from tens to millions of dollars. The price depends, first of all, on the potential profit. The more profit the buyer receives after acquiring and implementing the theory, the more he will have to pay for the business idea.
Almost all dark services use cryptocurrency - this increases the security of use and prevents the authorities from tracking financial transactions.

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