Carding forum 2021

Carding forum 2021

Surfing on the Internet has become one of the most popular activities of modern people. This is how the day begins and often ends with the same, not to mention how many times people spend time on the Internet during the day. In this network there are many interesting pages, sites where all kinds of information are located.

But who knows that the Internet has another part. This part is the Darknet, which is hidden from prying eyes. Not everyone will be able to get access here, but this is because most sites and forums contain information about illegal activities, crime, cruelty, etc. Law enforcement agencies monitor every user action on the Darknet. Even the use of a VPN, disposable email address, etc., does not help.
One of the most popular areas of the darknet is forums, namely, carding forums.

What are carding forums?
Conventionally, this is a site on the darknet, where information is exchanged between users. The most interesting is what kind of information is presented on them. Here they share information that was stolen from credit cards of careless users. Not only card data is transmitted here. You can also find thousands of strategies that have been developed over the years to steal data from bank cards, as well as methods to lure information from a potential victim.

What types of data can be found on the carding forum
There are several options here:
There is an opportunity to get "fullers". Fulki is a special term used by card fraudsters. It means that the attacker has gotten into the hands of the full information about the bank card, including the CVV code, which makes it possible to legally make purchases on behalf of the cardholder.
You can check the credit history of different people, find out more information about the individual.
Check the validity of the card data.
Many are selling "stolen" cards. This service is especially popular among those who wish to acquire a new identity along with a new card.

How to get to the carding forum
Getting on the darknet is not as easy as it might seem. First, to enter the darknet, you need to use a special browser. It is called “Tor”. To visit pages on the dark web, it is recommended to use a disposable e-mail, as well as to use VPN. Once you have created an account, you can go to the forum.
Be careful! Representatives of law enforcement agencies often sit on such pages. You cannot know which user might be. The consequences of just visiting a page can be dire and have a serious impact on your life.

How the forum works with stolen cards
There is a working principle here. First of all, you need to confirm that the card is working. Forever, even after theft, it can be used.
This happens for several reasons:
The owner discovered data theft and blocked their accounts.
The card was canceled at the request of the owner.
The bank detected suspicious activity, transactions took place in prohibited directions and the card was also closed.
The card expired before the thief could use it.
A card that is invalid or blocked is of no use on the forums. It cannot be used for personal needs, it cannot be sold, and the thief will only have a meaningless set of numbers that cannot be used for his own benefit in any way.

The other side is checking stolen cards. If you have access to the darknet and recently discovered that your card details were stolen, you can find whoever did it. Looking through the information about stolen cards, you can find your own in the lists. By contacting the attacker, you may be able to prove his guilt and regain full control over the map.

For a long time, cardholders may be unaware that their data has been stolen. Thieves deliberately make small transactions so that the loss of funds is not so acutely noticeable. Also, transactions are not done all the time, so as not to attract the attention of bank employees or other organizations that process payments.

If the data is put up for sale, a successful deal can earn anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.
Most often, transactions are made through intermediaries. The scammers themselves are reluctant to take part in such adventures. They pass the data on to others, and their proxies are already making deals and giving them some of the profits. Getting data straight from a grumbling is a rare thing.

Card jackpot - is it possible to get complete information on the user's card
Some thieves are so skillful that they manage to get complete information on the map. They even manage to get a CVV code. You can make any transactions with it - the presence of this code helps to confirm transactions for any amount. The only obstacle is that bank employees may notice and prohibit the transaction.

How thieves hide
What is being done on carding forums is illegal. That is why they use pseudonyms, VPN systems, several e-mail addresses and act through intermediaries. Buying and selling cards is also done in cryptocurrencies, as non-fiat currencies are more difficult to trace. It is for the purchase of cards that Zcash and Monero are used.

What difficulties do thieves face?
Currently, due to the availability of information, law enforcement agencies and ordinary people are well aware of the fact that thefts are frequent. That is why security measures are being strengthened. Banks are introducing sophisticated systems for authentication and transaction confirmation. And the carriers of bank cards themselves connect additional protective measures - secret passwords, questions, verification via SMS, and more. Updating chips, pin codes - by such measures, banks are trying to maintain the safety of cards and credit information of their customers.

The dangers of visiting forums with stolen cards
Why not just visit such forums? The answer is simple. By visiting such pages on the dark web, the user can easily attract the attention of law enforcement and security services. Why it happens? They will perceive you as a potential threat - either you are a thief directly, or you are an intermediary in the sale of cards, or a criminal, a troublemaker who urgently needs to cover his tracks.
Experienced carders say the chances of being exposed are minimal. But trusting only their words is not at all worth it. It is in their interest to draw attention to their activities. The fact that some people, even though they know a little about such a service, means potential customers.

How much do carders get
The income of novice carders is low. Newcomers are especially worried about every little thing, they are afraid to communicate with clients so as not to get caught by the representatives of the law. But over time, the experience is more and more and the income grows. It is discussed on the forums that the average monthly income is about two thousand conventional units (it depends what currency the carder works in). The higher the profit, the more risk and carders resort to more complex and reliable methods of protecting their own identity, so as not to be declassified.

Can you rely on VPN
On carding forums, they write that VPN is one of the most used and reliable ways to disguise traces of being on the dark web. It helps to hide for a really long time. But when a certain carder arouses a lot of suspicion and representatives of the law are seriously interested in him, practically nothing will save him from being revealed.

If criminal activity is revealed, the identity of the fraudster is closed, then he will face severe punishment. The thief will be responsible under the articles of the criminal code - most often they will be sentenced to imprisonment, and for how many years - is determined by the authorized state body.

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