Review of interesting darknet sites

Review of interesting darknet sites

Dark Net is a place that many want to get to, but only a few are destined to get there. This is not for the faint of heart. Websites are carefully checked and all user actions are monitored. No one here guarantees anonymity - sometimes even using a VPN does not help. Dark Net has a huge number of sites - many of them pose a potential threat, since their content is not just hidden from the eyes of all users. And getting into it is not easy - you need to know the secret "recipe" to enter the other world of the Internet.

How to enter DarkNet
To enter the world of the dark net, you need to follow several steps:
1. Download the Tor browser. It is a private browser and is digitally signed.
2. To register, you need to create an account - for this it is best to use a disposable email.
3. Install a VPN - this is necessary to protect yourself while on the dark web.

After you have completed the registration and started using the Dark Net browser, select the sites that you would like to view.
Top links 3.0 onion
We bring to your attention a list of sites where you can find something new and interesting. The list will feature safe sites - for those who are just learning something new and are not planning illegal activities.
Tor hidden wiki 2021
Even the Dark net has its own wiki. There is a huge amount of information, links. On the site, you can find the answer to almost any question. The hidden wiki allows you to really learn about the darknet, to get more useful information about it. In terms of the frequency of requests, this page is in the lead, which, frankly, does not surprise us at all. The thirst for knowledge is only useful.
Hidden wallet
Another interesting thing on the darknet is the hidden wallet. Here, as in the regular Internet “for everyone”, you can make purchases. Of course, you have to pay for them. To ensure anonymity, you can create something like an electronic wallet. It will store your funds and you can use them to make transactions, payments and more. It is anonymous and it will be quite difficult to track any transactions from it. However, if desired, law enforcement agencies will be able to do this, for example.
Social networks
Wow, the dark net even has its own social networks. You will be surprised, but one of the most popular is ... Facebook. It was stated that this is the same Facebook, but this part does not keep records of user activity. Whether this is really so is rather difficult to check, but there is a demand for anonymous online surfing in the vastness of this social network. Tor links for Facebook have been changed - you need to clarify the new address, which was created in 2021.
Continuing the topic of anonymity, let's talk about cryptocurrencies. There are a huge number of sites on the darknet where you can buy cryptocurrency, namely bitcoins. They allow you to remain anonymous while shopping, and allow you to earn money. The sites even have HTTPS security certificates.
Hand over unscrupulous police officers
Checkmate, dear police officers! Dark net users were seething with injustice and they decided to create a website where they can report unfair and unfair police work! If you notice that the police are committing illegal actions, violating personal boundaries and human rights - you can report this on this site at the onion link http://owmx2uvjkmdgsap2.onion/.
Shops from Thor
If you liked the principle of work of Dark net, you can create your own website on this platform. To do this, you just need to go to the website builder. You can open your own online store and count clients in bitcoins. The cost of the services of such a site starts from one hundred dollars.
Hire a hacker? As easy as pie!
Has a person pissed you off for a long time and your blood boils with anger? Then this is an opportunity to take revenge on the one who sends your life. On the Rent-A-Hacker website, you can use the services of professional hackers. Depending on your problem, they will offer professional solutions and services. The main condition is to agree on a price. To some they may seem very high, but to others they are quite acceptable. So think, is this or that person annoying you so much?
Honest news is real
We all know that news channels are under a lot of political pressure. Major representatives of the political arena are trying to crush the press and journalists in order to control the views of the public and use their opinion for their own purposes. On the Dark net, ProPublica lives on the idea of independent journalism. Here everyone can express their opinion, scold the authorities, talk about corruption, etc.
Educational content
If you want more access to research data and publications, you will definitely love the Sci-Hub site. This is what science fans need. There is a large collection of modern articles, scientific and laboratory data. In total, the collection of the site has more than 81 million articles. You will be able to read even those materials that are in restricted access and protected by copyright.
Google's counterpart - search engine DuckDuckGo
Search engines have become a necessary part of our life. We are used to the fact that Google knows everything. But it's not on the dark net - DuckDuckGo will come to the rescue. The main advantage of this search engine is that user actions are not tracked. Search results also do not adjust to past results. Already more than sixty million users have appreciated the benefits of this search engine and use only it every day.
Besides DuckDuckGo, there are other platforms for finding sites or content. But each of them works according to its own algorithms. Some also hide some of the links that contain materials about violence, cruelty, etc. They also use different algorithms for processing requests.

The darknet is fraught with many dangers. It contains a large number of unsafe sites, for visiting which you can pay with problems with law enforcement agencies. If the user is really suspected of something, he will not be saved by fake mail, VPN, cryptocurrency and other methods of covering their tracks.
Each user chooses for himself why he comes to the dark net. This is a really good opportunity to have fun, to feel free, not being under the all-seeing eye of those watching. However, you should never forget about security, visit questionable sites where bad things can happen.
Remember that every action you take has consequences.

27 September 2021 в 00:06