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The Darknet is a place full of surprises. Surprises can be good or bad. Everyone knows that on the Darknet you can easily find something that is not on the regular Internet, has never been and never will be. Here you can find and buy anything you want. Even buy realistic fake money. Fake euros, dollars, pounds sterling - very high quality fakes are almost indistinguishable from real ones. Teenagers, aspiring startups and just those who see the benefit in any dangerous adventure buy fake money in the hope of getting rich and acquiring what seemed unattainable. Is it legal? No. Is it dangerous? Highly. Are they prosecuted for this? Yes, and how.
Where fake money is sold
The Darknet is full of various sites and forums where counterfeiters "work". In such places, they share information, buy and resell counterfeit money, "recruit" young and inexperienced people who are unaware of what to expect after such a careless purchase. Some sites are closed - access to them is paid. The cost of a subscription can be tens or even hundreds of dollars. Thus, criminals try to isolate their community and business from interference in their activities by law enforcement agencies, unreliable clients, and simple onlookers who may witness secret events. They seek to hide as much as possible from prying eyes. You cannot enter other forums even if you have paid for it in advance. To get on them, you need to go through an interview with one of the elders. He can even give the user a test task to check how serious his intentions are and whether he is not a "stranger" whose purpose is to reveal the identity of the scammers.
How counterfeit banknotes are sold
All payment and sales procedures are carried out in cryptocurrency. Why exactly in it? This is done in order to hide the tracks. Cryptocurrencies cannot be tracked in the endless blocks of the blockchain - it is physically impossible. And while you search and analyze all the blocks, a very long time will pass, during which the fraudster will be able to leave the site, change data, location, etc. In addition, it is much faster and more convenient to operate with crypto money than fiat currencies. Transaction speeds are much faster than conventional ones. It is convenient to store in an electronic wallet, the keys to which only you have. Crypto wallets have an increased level of protection, which ensures the safety and reliability of fraudulent funds.
Who most often buy fake money
According to police and security figures, the following categories of people are most likely to buy dollars online on the Darknet:
1. Teenagers, schoolchildren, students.
2. Young people.
3. Desperate people who have lost everything.
4. Criminals and drug addicts.
Adolescents and young adults
The victims of scammers, as usually happens, are teenagers and young people who are at the very beginning of their life. At a young age, life potential gushes like a fountain. Life energy is at the highest level, but not everyone has enough funds to implement all plans. Work at such a young age, when education has not yet been completed, or as a young professional brings a little money. That is why many, in despair, run to the Darknet for dark, illegal earnings and buy realistic fake money.
Another group of people who buy fake euros online are desperate people. Those who lost their business, went bankrupt, need to get rich quick. Being depressed and desperate, people are trying by all means to restore their financial position and do not shun anything. Even making money on the Darknet on an illegal basis.
Criminals and drug addicts
The last category of buyers on the Darknet is criminals, drug addicts, convicted
Who knows more about counterfeit money than criminals? Once stepped on the path of crime, they rarely leave it. For a criminal, and even more so for a convicted person, it is difficult to start a new life in the free world. The only thing they can do is illegally earn a living and constantly play with fate. Drug addicts use counterfeit money as a way to earn money for a new dose of drugs.
What currencies can be purchased on the Darknet
In the Darknet, on the forums of counterfeiters, you can buy anything you want. Any currency in the world can be found here. The most in demand are:
1. Fake Euros.
2. American dollar.
3. Russian ruble.
The technology for making counterfeit money is so advanced that it is extremely difficult to distinguish it from real money. Only an ultraviolet scanner can detect a fake. Security threads and emblems and other elements are glued into the money to create confidence in the authenticity of the bill. However, there are also lower quality fakes. The higher the value of the notes, the more expensive its value. The quality of the paper from which the banknotes are made is also almost the same. Some sellers advise to cover the counterfeit money with a colorless nail polish before use, so that the tactile sensations of the fakes coincide with those of the real ones. Scammers have entire underground printing houses with many machines and mat serials for the production of counterfeit money.
How money is delivered to customers
Counterfeiters have a complex production and logistics chain. The path of false money from production to getting into circulation is very long. Once the bills are ready for sale, the seller looks for customers on dark forums. After agreeing on a price and receiving payment, he must send the goods to the client. As a rule, this happens with the help of fake transport by means of buses, trains, courier services. The goods in the right city are accepted by intermediaries. Later, intermediaries leave bookmarks in uncrowded places - almost the same as with drugs. The customer is informed about where the bookmark is at the moment and he independently picks it up from the specified location.
Currencies of small denomination are more popular, since they are easier to sell and do not arouse much suspicion. They are used mainly in small shops where there are no UV scanners, where there are no cameras and other means of registration. Bearers of counterfeit money prefer to use it where no one knows it, where it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Some people use counterfeit banknotes in transport. Experienced controllers know how to recognize a counterfeit bill and will be able to spot the substitution in time by calling the police. Few are at risk. Small bills are more expensive than large ones. Counterfeiters ask for about 30 percent of the face value of each bill. For large, thousandth bills, they charge about 10 percent of the face value.
Is there a punishment prescribed by law for those who sell counterfeit bills
It is quite difficult to deal with counterfeiters. Most countries have an article in their Criminal Code that provides for 3 to 10 years in prison. But proving guilt can be problematic. It is easy to prosecute if you take the fake maker directly from the clandestine printing house. Then he will have nowhere to hide. Another thing is to catch the distributors, sellers of counterfeit banknotes.
Manufacturing, storing, purchasing, transporting, sending, importing into the country for the purpose of marketing or directly selling counterfeit money is punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to seven years. In the event of a relapse or by prior conspiracy by a group of persons or on a large scale - from five to ten years, by an organized group or on an especially large scale - from eight to twelve years with confiscation of property. If law enforcement officers prove that a person deliberately ordered this money and then received it, there is a crime that can be punished. If a person is detained on suspicion of committing this crime, the guilt must be proven by law enforcement officers using appropriate evidence.
If the distributor of counterfeit banknotes is caught when he pays with them, but they do not know that he ordered them, he can get out of the situation and say that he himself did not know that the banknotes are counterfeit.
Each of us runs the risk of getting a counterfeit bill. Moreover, the bill can be of high quality, and even glow in ultraviolet light at the supermarket cashier. Therefore, it is easy to imagine a situation when the buyer is not aware that the bill used by him is a fake. In such cases, most likely, the holder of the bill will get off with the loss of counterfeit bills, which should be seized as material evidence in a criminal case. But if it is established that the same person used several such bills, theoretically this could become the basis for more compelling claims on the part of the investigation. And again, the key will be to prove the guilt of the owner of the banknotes - if there was intent to sell counterfeit banknotes, then criminal punishment will be quite likely.
How to recognize a fake
Determining the authenticity of a coin is a process that requires special knowledge in the history of coinage, numismatics, features of the production process, etc.
At the very beginning, the coin is weighed with an accuracy of tenths and hundredths of a gram, and its dimensions are determined. At this stage, it is possible to weed out low-quality counterfeits. To determine the density, hydrostatic weighing, discovered according to legend by Archimedes, is used. Knowing the alloy from which the coin should be made, as well as the density of various metals, using this method it is possible to determine a fake made from a composition different from the original. The undoubted signs of cast coins include such defects as foundry shells, inclusions. The sharp edges are smoother on the cast specimen than on the minted one. It should be borne in mind that after additional engraving, creating abrasion and artificial patina, it becomes visually indistinguishable from the original. The examination of a cast fake under a microscope after it has been processed with a graver makes it possible to determine changes in the surface texture. Comparison of the images of the tested coin with the genuine standard makes it possible to identify a forgery created by hand with a cut stamp. Production of a coin translated from the original by special modern technical means.

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