Credit card clones on the darknet

Warning: This post is written SOLELY for informational purposes and to warn the readership about potential dangers when using bank cards.

Copying your own or someone else's bank cards is a violation of the law and entails criminal liability.

Do not try to use the information from this post to carry out illegal actions for copying and using bank cards!

Clones of credit cards
There are two types of bank cards – older, with a magnetic stripe, and newer and safer, with a chip. New technologies in the banking sector are not being introduced so quickly, and in some countries they are even slow, so that cards with a chip were distributed slowly. For example, in the USA, until recently, they continued to use cards with a magnetic stripe in the old way — and switched to chip cards only a couple of years ago.
The problem with magnetic stripe cards is that all the information necessary for payment is stored on them in an open form — therefore it is very easy to steal it and write it to another card. Everything is more reliable in the chip – cryptography is used there.
The creation of credit card clones can be considered as a variant of international fraud, its use brings really tangible losses to cardholders around the world. The amounts of funds that fall into the hands of scammers amount to billions of dollars. At the same time, the costs of performing a fraudulent operation may be minimal.
Where to buy cloned credit cards
To purchase a cloned credit card, you should go to Dark Net to the best website to buy stolen credit card. This is an underground segment of the Internet, to view which you need to download an anonymous tor browser to your computer. It should be borne in mind that the Internet speed when working in the dark net is much slower than when working in conventional search browsers. A distinctive feature of Dark Net is the use of advanced data encryption technologies and a high level of anonymity.
A bank card is a plastic card linked to one or more bank accounts.There are debit and credit cards. Debit cards are used to dispose of their own money held in a bank account. Using cards allows you to virtually work with money, thus excluding personal contact.
It is convenient to work with bank cards, almost instant replenishment and withdrawal, which distinguishes them from other means of payment.A prerequisite for anonymity when working with cards is registration for a drop domain. This is the key point. Then you can immediately proceed to the selection of the seller.
A seller is a person interested in selling a product. It's good if you turned to a decent seller, and he will honestly answer you that he simply does not know these or other things. And if not, then you can sell the most stale goods.
The seller offers you to buy credit card balance. The seller, as a rule, has only information about withdrawal limits from cards and about demand. If the seller does not work with the cards himself, does not spend money on them, then he has no idea what amounts can be poured into which cards, how soon and starting from what amounts the cards are blocked by the bank, etc. It is much better to choose the necessary product yourself. When choosing the highest quality card sales service, you should pay attention to some indicators:
Sellers can have various statuses on forums, for example, "Verified", "Seller". This means that the seller was checked by the administration of the forum. A good seller who wants to sell his product usually buys advertising space or the status of a trusted store.
There are two types of cards. With a guarantee of the safety of funds and without a guarantee of the safety of funds. Most of the cards on the market are cards without a guarantee of the safety of funds. Cards with a guarantee of the safety of funds are much more expensive and are not sold by all sellers. The word "guarantee" also applies to cards without a guarantee of the safety of funds.
If the drop steals money from the card or closes it within the warranty period, the seller is obliged to provide a free replacement of the product. The relatively safe life of the card with a guarantee of 1 month is a maximum of 3 months. Next - you need to contact the seller and clarify whether it is possible to continue using the card, after buying credit card numbers deep web.
Checking the cloned card
After receiving shop cloned debit cards , we proceed to check it. As a rule, 3 days are given to check the goods if you buy credit card numbers.
What should be included in the package:
debit card;
bank questionnaire;
pin code;
?SIM card linked to the card;
internet banking access;
code word;
scan of the drop passport.
Next, check the card if you buy stolen credit card numbers online:
visually. All data must match;
via Internet banking. The status of the card is almost always displayed in the online banking;
through an ATM. Insert the card into the ATM, enter the PIN code, request the balance;
test the card by depositing a small amount on it, then withdraw it.
Other important factors to pay attention at:
When displaying a credit card in an online bank, you also inform the service of an existing problem. The card will also be replaced here;
PIN code. It must be checked at an ATM. This primarily concerns those cards where the pincode is written with a pen;
Operability of the Internet bank. If the username and password were attached, you need to change the username and password;
Working capacity of the SIM card.
If after checking something seems suspicious to you or something does not work as it should, you, without using the card, contact the seller and solve all the problems that have arisen.
Card Cloning application
Recently, Brazilian developers, members of the Pintex association, wrote a Java application for the map that does, in fact, two things. Firstly, it informs the payment terminal that it is not necessary to authenticate the data, that is, the second stage. That is, no cryptography is used further, which greatly simplifies the task.
There remains the stage of verification of the owner using a PIN code. But the standard provides different options for pin confirmation, including one when the correctness of its input is confirmed ... actually, the card itself. Or rather, the application installed on it.
Criminals have written an application that, when asked if the PIN is entered correctly, always answers the terminal "yes, yes, everything is fine." That is, an attacker with a cloned card can enter four completely random digits on the terminal — and these digits will be accepted as the correct PIN.
The infrastructure created by the Prilex group includes the Java application described above, a client program called "Daphne", with which you can overwrite smart cards, and the actual database of stolen card data lying on their server.
"Customers" are offered to buy a "beginner attacker kit" from a Java application, the Daphne program and some amount of card data. You can buy a card recorder and clean smart cards absolutely legally for a few tens of dollars.
Responsibility for the use of cloned credit cards
In accordance with the established judicial practice, any theft of funds from a bank card is qualified as a crime, namely as theft from a bank account.
Unlike the usual theft of someone else's property, theft from a bank card (bank account), regardless of the amount stolen, is a serious crime, and therefore criminal cases of such crimes are not subject to termination in connection with reconciliation with the victim, and cannot be considered in a special judicial procedure.
For the qualification of criminal actions if you buy credit card online, it does not matter how the funds were stolen – through an ATM, or by transferring funds to another bank account, or by making purchases via the Internet, or by paying for purchases in a store.
A cloned bank card is the key to someone else's bank account, so withdrawing funds from a found card or paying for purchases with it forms a crime that is punishable by imprisonment.
Amount on the cloned credit card
The average price of a card depends on its type.
Basic types of the cards:
Each type of card has its own daily cash withdrawal limit.
Special attention should be paid to the working conditions of the card sales service. What guarantees does the service give, for which it is and is not responsible!
How to make a credit card clone
In order to make a copy of a credit card, it is necessary to use a special reader - a skimmer, which is installed in or near the ATM card reader and, when the card is inserted into it, allows attackers to take possession of the information they need. Card data can be transferred even outside the country where specialists in this field make copies of them.
Such a fraud mechanism is dangerous because:
does not allow timely tracking of criminals and obstructing their activities;
legislation aimed at combating credit cards is still under development;
the victim of a crime may not realize for a long time that the card was cloned.
Clones of professionally made credit cards can be used by their new owners, while the victim herself may not have any idea that the card has been hacked until the funds begin to slowly disappear from it or (in the worst case) completely disappear from the account.
Creating credit card clones is a type of forgery that involves making an exact copy of a credit card with the personal data of its real owner. Also, a number and a digital code are stamped on such a card, which makes it almost impossible to suspect a fake in this product.
To obtain a copy of the card data, not only electronic equipment can be used, through which the card is passed and which is installed in an ATM. You can also count the information necessary for fraudsters when you receive a card to pay for goods or services. In the event that an employee of a restaurant, gas station or other facility receives a credit card as a settlement tool, he can use it not only in the terminal, but also pass it through a special device unnoticed by the owner, which will then allow fraudsters to get unhindered access to funds.
Skimming devices
A skimmer can be a plastic pad attached to a card reader, a miniature video camera in a brochure holder next to an ATM. Special pads on the keyboard that read the order of the PIN code are also common. Skimmers are attached to ATMs using conventional double-sided tape or velcro fasteners.
For example, if the keyboard was concave, then a special pad will make the panel flatter. Also, the skimming device can change the keys themselves: they will either be sunk into the keyboard panel, or, conversely, bulge too much. ATM manufacturers in recent years have begun to install special devices on ATMs that allow them to recognize skimmers.
It is quite difficult to detect a skimmer on an ATM with the naked eye, so it is recommended to use only those ATMs that are located in bank branches, large shopping centers, in a protected area.
Tips for those who use a cloned card
Do not access Internet banks of different persons from the same IP. The nature of transactions via Internet banking should make economic sense (replenishment of a friend's account, transfer to a relative, payment for services, etc.). Don't make payments in even amounts, break large payments into small and unequal amounts.
Take breaks between operations. Breaks can be 1-2 days. Try not to upload your account immediately under the withdrawal limit. This may arouse suspicion and possibly block the Internet bank or card. The withdrawal of funds from the cards is made by the cashier
The money is issued by an ATM, each of which is equipped with a video camera. It is very important to approach the ATM on foot, so that the video camera does not record the number and make of the car on which the dealer moves.
Some ATMs are equipped with a GSM network scanner, which allows you to determine the phone number of the person making the withdrawal. Therefore, a mobile phone or modem cannot be carried with you while withdrawing money from bank cards.

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