Buying Product


    You are on the page of goods

    1.Select your city and state.
    2. Click on "Buy".

You will go to the product confirmation page, here we see the delivery option and the payment option, as well as the column of payment through the guarantor of protection.
1. Express delivery - a delivery option, when you order to receive the goods at the post office
2. Courier delivery - a delivery option if you order the delivery of goods by a stash in the woods (for example, when buying drugs) for anonymity.
3. purchase from your balance via monero
4. Purchase for PAYPAL is available after the first successful order. Newbies can top up their balance in monero and pay for the order from their balance
5. WARRANTY BUYING - If you check this box, your balance will be frozen in the SELLER'S account until the item is received and approved!
If you fear fraud by the merchant, we recommend you use this option!
6. order confirmation

After confirming your order you will go to the page with your order
Fill out the fields by entering
mailing address
message for seller
1. Mailing address is optional if you choose stash delivery when you buy drugs to ensure your anonymity
You can leave your contact information to contact the seller directly
2. confirm your order

After confirming your order you will be redirected to a page where you will see the status of your order!