Transaction with the Guarantor is possible only on the basis of an order and ticking the box "Take buyer protection 

After that, the money coming from the buyer's account is frozen in the seller's account and under Processed by seller the buyer sees the order!

After receiving the address/parcel, customer has 24 hours to confirm that he/she received the goods. To do that, click on Confirm and transfer money tseller in the Completed column

First you receive the parcel and then transfer money!

 If the buyer will not get in touch within 24 hours, the transaction is closed in favor of the seller. If a letter is sent without a Tracking Code, the maximum time of waiting for the letter is 30 days, after which the transaction is closed in favor of the buyer with a refund to his account, and the seller will be required to pay the buyer costs for services of the Guarantor.