THIEF (hereinafter synonymous with "trading platform", "platform", "resource", "portal", "website", ) - provides purchase and sale transactions between the buyer (possible synonym - "customer") and the seller (possible synonym - "store") and is a guarantor and arbitrator, but does not participate in purchase and sale transactions directly, does not have access to the subject of the agreement (note: the goods or services). - goods or services), is not an intermediary and/or counterparty, but provides an effective and convenient interface for conducting transactions and resolving disputes. Also, the trading platform is not responsible for the quality of goods because it does not perform the role of the seller, and is not responsible for the timely delivery of goods after payment by the seller.

Meanwhile, the administration of the trading platform (hereinafter having synonyms "administration", "site team", "site administration", "portal administration", "site administration", "resource administration") observes business etiquette, and also helps to solve disputable situations through arbitration. By registering on THIEF , you confirm that you have read the rules, understand them clearly and unambiguously, agree to comply with the user agreement (hereinafter synonymous with "rules", "regulations"). The site administration reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify and/or supplement these Rules at any time without prior and/or subsequent notification of the buyer, seller, or other persons represented on the trading platform.

Rules and regulations for the implementation of commercial activities on the trading platform by the store.

    1.1 The Shop has the right to begin trading activities only after filling in all trading information, which includes: a detailed description of goods or services, their prices (in rubles or dollars), the features of work, store rules and regulations, operator's work schedule. This information must be up-to-date and subject to timely updating in case of changes. The lot (position) must contain a photo of the product (or element of service), and must be clearly visible piece of paper with the inscription "qsw7iurcrdwyml5kg4oxbmtqrcnpxiag3iumdarefzeunnyc2dnyljad.onion" and the date, which confirms the availability of goods at the moment, on this trading site.
    1.1.1 When opening a store, the seller must provide the moderator with photos confirming the presence of his product. This must be a photo on each product in good quality with a sheet in the background with the phrase: "goods for the opening of the store from the XXXXX (store name)".

    1.2 It is forbidden to disclose personal data to users without their consent, for violation of fines.
    1.3 It is strictly prohibited to make the sale of addresses (or "make treasures"), located near the institutions of educational type (schools, kindergartens and other institutions, whose contingent minors), on playgrounds (sandpits, carousels, etc.), cemeteries and memorials, near law enforcement and security institutions of any level.
It is strictly prohibited to make tabs in stores and malls, bars, cafes, restaurants. For these violations there are sanctions in the form of fines.
    1.4 Sale of surfactants (psychoactive substances) under fictitious names and brand names, without specifying the real (commonly known) name of the substance is prohibited. A warning for an initial violation and a fine for a repeated violation.
    1.5 It is forbidden to sell one substance under the guise of another, which is called "substitution of goods". For primary violation there is a fine, for repeated violation there is a ban.
    1.6 Establishing communication between the buyer and seller bypassing the trading platform (for example - selling through PM (private messages) and various messengers), in other words, the exchange of contact information, except in special cases approved by the administration site. If the seller offers the buyer to make a transaction (or the buyer offers and the seller agrees) through personal messages (PM), and not through the system of transactions, then the seller will be fined for the amount of the proposed sale, and the buyer who reported it, gets 50% of the fine paid by the seller *. If a deal is made, the seller will be fined 10 XMR!
This type of violation can be reported to the Administration