Brief list of functions

Dear Sellers and Buyers, THIEF Team welcomes you. We would like to present you our long-awaited instant shopping and sales automation service.

The project allows anonymous and safe purchase/sale of illegal goods all over Europe and beyond. Wide functionality makes this project a quality tool for work and attentive and fair administration regulates seller-buyer relations making shopping easy for clients.

Our advantages:

    Stylish and modern design, with extensive functionality.
    In the profile you can choose a color scheme. Classic or New.
    The service is fully handwritten no templates and security holes.
    Autogarant system.*
    Instant hoarding is really instant. After you click the "Pay" button you will get your hoard instantly. No need to wait until the transaction is confirmed.
    It is possible to order any product in any quantity by using the "Pre-Order".
    No fakes and scammers. You buy 100% from a trusted merchant.
    You'll be able to buy for PayPal or Monero.

    Search for messages and groups by tags.
    Built-in notification system about the status of your order.
    Dispute resolution system (You may ask for clarification on each order in real time, and if something goes wrong, you will be able to ask the administrator to resolve it).
    All addresses are stored in an encrypted form of disposable "Notes", which excludes the issuance of one address twice.
    Photos to hoards.
    Sellers and items are sorted based on rating. Rating is based on user reviews.
    Removed the possibility of cheating rating, as well as vilification of the store, goods.
    For sellers the rating of the buyer is visible.
    The system rating of the store and products from 1 to 10.
    You can leave a review of each purchase, which will see all and which will affect the rating of the store.
    Notification to the participants of the dispute about the decision of the administrator
    See how many the seller has had a complete transaction 500 + 1000 + etc.

    The seller has a flexible system of work with the store.
    All transactions are made in anonymous currency Monero. And they happen instantly, without delay. No need to wait until the transaction is confirmed.
    Fakes will not be able to fake your jabber or write on your behalf inbox. Your profit will not flow to fraudsters.
    Statistics on your banners for any period with graphs, allows for in-depth analysis of sales. Accounting for the goods. The cost of goods, the cost of delivery.
    Forget about hijacking your contacts, you can always be contacted through an internal messenger.
    Always one dialogue between seller and buyer, there won't be dozens of correspondence with the same person.
    Separate read/unread statuses for the store team in messages.
    Disputes. Closing a transaction without negative feedback if the dispute was not resolved in your favor.
THIEF works with JS turned on for convenience, and for paranoiacs there is a version with JS turned off.

*AutoGarant System - When a user purchases a product, funds are deducted from their account to a System wallet and remain there until the user CONFIRMS the item.
If the buyer has any questions about the location of the treasure, he can ask them, and his money will still be in the system. If the treasure was not found and the seller refuses to give a replacement, the money will be returned to the buyer's account.
If the store has indicated in its rules that it does not give reclosures and by buying you agree with this, the dispute may automatically be resolved in the seller's favor. If a user bought a product and didn't leave a review for it, and reviews and ratings are important for rating both the product and the seller, then 24 hours after the purchase the system automatically gives the highest rating for the transaction.

This way both buyer and seller are protected from fraud attempts!
Join the system THIEF, you only need to add addresses, it will do the rest for you.

This resource is only available on Tor and soon will be available on the web. Use Tor Browser to access the resource.