Agency of the first wedding night

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    40 000 USD / 238.8202 XMR
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  • trol88 2 months ago Elena 19 years old
    In fact, yes! You will buy the girl. Just not the virgin and not the one in the photo)) In short, you'll get laid for a lot of money.)
  • trol88 2 months ago Elena 19 years old
    The store publishes fake pictures. I bought a "virgin" here It's actually painfully simple! A girl comes to you with her cunt stitched up). Like she's a virgin). In short, regular prostitutes sell their vaginas here for a lot of money. The buyers, of course, are customers who don't understand anything. The girls get their percentage, and the store gets its own!
    Site Administration
    What are you looking at? At least check the reality of the goods in the store)).
    • You can say what you want. Did you get the girl? You got it! You got the virgin. And what you write here is your personal opinion!