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from 2 000 USD / 1pcs
11.983223487118 XMR
  • New York
Service Chameleon recruits employees to his team
We offer work on cashing out
You get money from us by transferring it to your card. Withdraw the entire amount, translate it into monero and send half of it to us!
Amounts starting at $2,000!
Send your resume in a personal message. To e-mail do not respond!
10.0 rating
  • New York: City
    1 pcs
    2 000 USD / 11.9832 XMR
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  • nait 1 month ago team up

    I am a farmer from Greece, I am interested in the cooperation you ask because here we cannot get money from the bank for many years, so the way you suggest is interesting for me to be able to pay bills and loans.

    You need someone in Europe like me, please tell me what I need to do and what information you need to do the job because I am looking to borrow money right now

    • Chameleon 1 month ago team up
      This section is for feedback! Send me a private message and I'll tell you what our requirements are!
  • Amazon 2 months ago team up

    I would like to work with you brother.

  • dag_05reg 2 months ago team up
    The first cooperation with the service went great! Card balances +-200 bucks. Not less than 2000 dollars! Ordered 5 cards. Withdrawal limits 600k as in Russia.Settlement with the service through the deposit of Monero 50%. Service fire!